A Tale of Three Pixies: Scene Seven

A Tale of Three Pixies
Scene Seven
(Read Scene Six Here)
They left the parking garage behind them and walked away, trying their best not to glance behind as they hurried. Once they were out of sight of the gnomes, Fen looked at the others and sighed.  “Well,” she said.  “We survived that, but we’ve lost our quarry. We survived that concrete cage but I’ve no idea where to go next.  It’s a big city and the prophet has disappeared into it.”

A Tale of Three Pixies: Scene Six

A Tale of Three Pixies
Scene Six
(Read scene five here)

“A parking garage,” Lapis said, running a hand through her sweaty purple hair and looking around her.  “I had heard of them.  They’re more like caves than I would have thought.”

“Something like that,” Fen said, her gaze sweeping.  She sighed. “I lost the scent in the chase.  I’m not sure where to find it again.”

“It’s hard to sort anything through all this concrete,” Petal murmured.  “Not much iron, thank the stars.  But lots of concrete. It’s all… cut off,” Petal said, sounding confused. “So far.”

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A Tale of Three Pixies: Scene Five

A Tale of Three Pixies
Scene Five
(Read Scene Four Here)
The three pixies in disguise rushed outside.  Fen looked around, her eyes blue hard. “That way,” she said, pointing down an alley.  “I have his scent.”

Petal looked at Lapis, and they both nodded, and followed their sister.  “I can’t see him,” Petal said as they hurried. 

“He’s fast.  Who knows how much of a head start he has on us.  I never should have let him go that long.”  She frowned and shook her head.  “We’re going to have to fly.”

“But what about the bats?  And the gnomes?”

“We’ll have to risk it.  If it comes to a fight it comes to a fight.  Glamours down, girls, and let’s go.”

Lapis and Petal exchanged another look, but complied anyway.  Where three women had stood there were now three pixies, and their gossamer wings began to beat as they took to the air in a tight formation.

“That son of a bitch,” Fen muttered again.  “I’ll cut him to bits. Tiny little prophet bits.”

“Have you ever considered,” Petal said from her right flank,…

Remembered Kisses: Chapter 10: Tattered Edges

“I know losing her was hard,” Sam said.  They sat in the small, cramped study of his apartment, on
old wickerwork chairs padded with old green cushions. “It’s always hard to lose someone.”

“Is it?”  Marcus said, not looking at him.  There was a lit cigarette in his hand and he watched the smoke slowly trail upwards towards the corners of the room. “I had no idea.”

Remembered Kisses: Chapter 9: Winter's Herald

The rest of the day went quickly, but as it passed it grew increasingly colder.   By early evening, it had grown frigid.  Pulling his coat tight against the cold, Sam swept his gaze across the campus from his usual perch in the bell tower.  The skin on the back of his neck was rippling with anticipation.  The night was still and free of rain, but Sam’s vision was almost useless in the murky fog, forcing him to focus was on his supernatural senses.  There was nothing out there right now, but the Otherworld was as still as the mundane world.  “If I’m cliché enough to be a watcher in a bell tower,” Sam muttered,  “The nightmares can have their calm before a storm.  It’s only fair.”  He reached into his coat, felt the worn grip of his .38 in its holster behind his back.  The familiarity was comforting.

Remembered Kisses: Chapter 8: The Ghost Professor

Chapter 7 is available here.

It seemed like he had barely been asleep at all when he was being shaken awake.“Sam?” Audrey asked.  “Sam, what are you doing out here?  Sam?”

He slowly opened his eyes.  Audrey was there in her white nightgown and her pink bunny slippers and a worried expression on her face.  Her stuffed shark was tucked under her arm.  He rubbed his head.  “What time is it?”

“Five-thirty, Sam.  When I always get up to make our breakfast.  Why are you in the living room?”  Her eyes swiveled towards the door to his room, and they want wide.  “Is there a monster in your bedroom?  Is it going to try to eat me?”