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Edit: should have been posted months ago.  Not sure why.  Enjoy!

One of my favorite things to do is to sneak into hole-in-the-wall restaurants for my feasts.  When time allows, I shun the chains and well-known labels, eschewing mass-produced picture-perfect food for something a little more Real.  Of course, you often find better food in these places, especially when you manage to figure out exactly what that place does best.   So for our first Feast Friday, I take you inside one of these tiny meccas of eating, opening up with a little Thai/Chinese place on Alcoa Highway... Ming Tree.

Ming Tree is, as I've said, a hole in the wall.  It holds an unassuming place on US 129, Alcoa Highway, the main thoroughfare between Maryville and Knoxville - and the most direct route from Knoxville to McGhee Tyson Airport.  From the outside, nothing much sets it apart: but if you're in the mood for Chinese food, or Thai, it is simply the closest option — and that seems to be enough.  I've ne…

A Little Piece Re: Bella Sparkles

A little thing about cosplaying.  Here's the thing, guys.  Girls.  Undecided, uncommitted, whoever you are.  Cosplay isn't about how you perceive a character.  It's not even really about how that character is portrayed in their own canon.  It's about how a fan relates to a character; it's about how a fan reaches out to be part of a community, to be part of something larger then themselves, and how they choose to express that through their own creativity and fondness FOR that character.

The Cove At Concord Park

Today I'm describing one of my personal places to linger, especially on my way to work — The Cove at Concord Park. Now, Concord Park is a decent sized place, flanking both sides of West Northshore Drive in Knoxville as it approaches Lenoir City, but one (relatively) tiny portion of it has captured my stony heart. Blue waters under a blue sky, park benches where you can sit and feel the breeze while you watch sailboats and geese float by?  Count me in.

A Moment of Encouragement

You.  Hey, you.  No seriously, I mean you.

Take a moment and smile.  You're awesome.

Bask in it for a moment.  You deserve to be recognized for the cool stuff you do.

Food Friday

Food Friday was obliterated by a broken car.  Hopefully we'll get it next week!

Reader Query

Now that I've described my evil plan for going forward, what sort of content are YOU interested in seeing pouring out from Famous Seamus's Fingers?  I'm all ears!

A little bit about me.

Just a little bit about me.  I'm a hopeful author, a sometimes poet, a constant seeker of beauty, a doting father and recently divorced.  While it's been amicable, I recognize that I am in need of healing and time spend recharging long-drained batteries.

And so we have this blog.

I want to share my adventures with you.  I'm making a point of visiting places of natural beauty, particularly with sources of flowing water, that you can visit on a dime and a song — I know none of us have a budget.  I'm going to post that weekly in what I'll call my 'Travel Tuesday' section.   (Alliteration.  Ain't it grand?)  I'm also going to indulge in some local food, sticking my head in holes in the walls and local joints in an attempt to find the tastiest treats on a budget you can find.  I'll try to write a review a week — on Friday.  You still with me?  Good.  That's what I've got from now.  I'll throw down some pictures of my adventures, too, ju…

Ft. Walton Beach

It's amazing how some time in the sea can make everything a little better,  Friends, the beaches at Ft. Walton Beach are not to be missed. I spent a lovely summer morning with one of my best friends frolicking in the sun, letting the waves crash over me, letting the waves remind me a little bit of my place in the grand scheme of things.  Humbling and refreshing.

Our adventure was started camping out at an event at the fair grounds, but one of the highlights came Sunday morning when we slipped out early and rode all of five minutes to beach access.  Access which was free, open to the public, and easy to reach.  Early in the morning, it was mostly deserted — save for a few locals meandering up and down the white shores — and the surf was high.  It wasn't too aggressive, but the waves were notable: you could really feel their impact as they washed over you. The sun was at about its mid-morning height, so it was yet to become brutally hot, and the Gulf was refreshingly cool.  Hone…