A little bit about me.

Just a little bit about me.  I'm a hopeful author, a sometimes poet, a constant seeker of beauty, a doting father and recently divorced.  While it's been amicable, I recognize that I am in need of healing and time spend recharging long-drained batteries.

And so we have this blog.

I want to share my adventures with you.  I'm making a point of visiting places of natural beauty, particularly with sources of flowing water, that you can visit on a dime and a song — I know none of us have a budget.  I'm going to post that weekly in what I'll call my 'Travel Tuesday' section.   (Alliteration.  Ain't it grand?)  I'm also going to indulge in some local food, sticking my head in holes in the walls and local joints in an attempt to find the tastiest treats on a budget you can find.  I'll try to write a review a week — on Friday.  You still with me?  Good.  That's what I've got from now.  I'll throw down some pictures of my adventures, too, just for funsies, and maybe add another series of posts.   Let's see how this goes!

Questions?  Comments?  Demonstrations of rage?  Please comment below.


It's so lonely here in space.


  1. Nashville area has some beautiful sights that you should definitely visit.

  2. Hell yeah I'm in! :). Sounds super fun. Can't wait.


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