Ft. Walton Beach

It's amazing how some time in the sea can make everything a little better,  Friends, the beaches at Ft. Walton Beach are not to be missed. I spent a lovely summer morning with one of my best friends frolicking in the sun, letting the waves crash over me, letting the waves remind me a little bit of my place in the grand scheme of things.  Humbling and refreshing.

Our adventure was started camping out at an event at the fair grounds, but one of the highlights came Sunday morning when we slipped out early and rode all of five minutes to beach access.  Access which was free, open to the public, and easy to reach.  Early in the morning, it was mostly deserted — save for a few locals meandering up and down the white shores — and the surf was high.  It wasn't too aggressive, but the waves were notable: you could really feel their impact as they washed over you. The sun was at about its mid-morning height, so it was yet to become brutally hot, and the Gulf was refreshingly cool.  Honestly, the beach was a perfect experience.  Quiet, clean, and pristine.  Exactly what I needed to recharge. Would recommend to anyone.

Unfortunately, time constraints in the the mid-morning kept us from visiting any local seafood, but that's definitely on the agenda for next time.  Next week's Travel Tuesday post will feature a more local setting- Concord Point in Knoxville, with a stop by a local joint for some food and hijinx as well. See you then!


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