The Cove At Concord Park

Today I'm describing one of my personal places to linger, especially on my way to work — The Cove at Concord Park. Now, Concord Park is a decent sized place, flanking both sides of West Northshore Drive in Knoxville as it approaches Lenoir City, but one (relatively) tiny portion of it has captured my stony heart. Blue waters under a blue sky, park benches where you can sit and feel the breeze while you watch sailboats and geese float by?  Count me in.
This little zone has a small volleyball court, a tiny shop (River Sports Outfitters) with kayaks/canoes/stand-up paddleboards to rent and both drinks and ice cream for sale, a wooden stage and of course a nice little walking path that skitters along the side of Fort Loudon Lake.  In the warmer months, there's a tiny little swimming beach where you can lay out in the sun or enjoy some time in the warm waters, and there are several strategically placed benches (including one that's a fantastic little bench swing) where you can just sit down and be near the water, watching boats sail on by and birds hunt their meals in the blue depths.  There is also a small walking loop, about 7/10 of a mile, that you can meander along when you need to walk off some stress or a big meal.
This doesn't sound like much, I know.  But on your way to a busy day at work, or after being stuck in traffic for a while, it's nice to find a pretty, simple spot where you can just take your leisure for a moment and breath.  It can get pretty crowded in the summer afternoon, and there isn't a fantastic amount of traffic, but in the early afternoon or late morning there is no place like it to find a little serenity among the hustle of everyday life.
The water is good, too.  A few minutes spent standing in the lake can refresh you like only a body of natural water can.  The soothing nature of the gentle rhythm of the lake washing over you helps melt away some of the pressure, and much like the ocean (though obviously not quite to that scale) can remind you of your place in the world and put everything in perspective.  There are things nearby to do, too; everything from a Godfather's Pizza to a small golf course to a decent little marina and a yacht club.  If you want a chance to chill out, feed some birds (there's a tribe of geese in residence, and designated dispensers for fowl-safe food), and let your spirit find a little bit of healing in gentle waters?  There's no better place.
I love it there.


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