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A Return - And Fire by Night

Hello all.  Sorry for the elongated absence, I had an attack of life that really slowed everything down.  But we are back on track and moving forward with a tentative publishing schedule for the next few months... but that's not why I'm posting right now.

As many of you know, the town of Gatlinburg has been hit pretty hard this week.  On Monday the 28th of November, gale-force winds took a fire from Smokey Mountain National Park and brought it down with terrifying speeds towards Gatlinburg.  The devastation has been immense.  Fourteen thousand people were evacuated, homes were destroyed - and as of the 29th, two thousand people were still in shelters, unable to go home.

Anything you can do, folks, will be appreciated.  The folks here have compiled an excellent list of ways you can help.  There is more here, and articles about the devastation are here and here. Whether it's toiletries, cash money, food, blankets, anything.  The list of needs and locations there is pretty t…