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Remembered Kisses: Chapter 10: Tattered Edges

“I know losing her was hard,” Sam said.  They sat in the small, cramped study of his apartment, on
old wickerwork chairs padded with old green cushions. “It’s always hard to lose someone.”

“Is it?”  Marcus said, not looking at him.  There was a lit cigarette in his hand and he watched the smoke slowly trail upwards towards the corners of the room. “I had no idea.”

Remembered Kisses: Chapter 9: Winter's Herald

The rest of the day went quickly, but as it passed it grew increasingly colder.   By early evening, it had grown frigid.  Pulling his coat tight against the cold, Sam swept his gaze across the campus from his usual perch in the bell tower.  The skin on the back of his neck was rippling with anticipation.  The night was still and free of rain, but Sam’s vision was almost useless in the murky fog, forcing him to focus was on his supernatural senses.  There was nothing out there right now, but the Otherworld was as still as the mundane world.  “If I’m cliché enough to be a watcher in a bell tower,” Sam muttered,  “The nightmares can have their calm before a storm.  It’s only fair.”  He reached into his coat, felt the worn grip of his .38 in its holster behind his back.  The familiarity was comforting.

Remembered Kisses: Chapter 8: The Ghost Professor

Chapter 7 is available here.

It seemed like he had barely been asleep at all when he was being shaken awake.“Sam?” Audrey asked.  “Sam, what are you doing out here?  Sam?”

He slowly opened his eyes.  Audrey was there in her white nightgown and her pink bunny slippers and a worried expression on her face.  Her stuffed shark was tucked under her arm.  He rubbed his head.  “What time is it?”

“Five-thirty, Sam.  When I always get up to make our breakfast.  Why are you in the living room?”  Her eyes swiveled towards the door to his room, and they want wide.  “Is there a monster in your bedroom?  Is it going to try to eat me?”

Remembered Kisses: Chapter 7: Ghosts in the Attic

Chapter 6 can be found here.

Sam didn’t have any classes on Wednesday afternoons, so he usually spent that day playing catch-up in his office.  Talking to students, grading papers, handling all the bureaucratic details that came with his position at the college.  Today was no different.  He got to campus around mid morning, and spent a few hours at his cramped desk in the tiny glorified broom closet the school had assigned him.  Morning passed into early afternoon, and when the growling of his stomach became too loud to ignore, he finally let himself take a break.

A Tale of Three Pixies: Scene Four

A Tale of Three Pixies
Scene Four

(Read Scene Three Here)
Saul scooped up the coins, replacing them with a crisp $20 bill. "Another double for me, Aerin, and some draft for the ladies." He looked at Fen. "Got the drinks. Come meet me in the corner. We'll chat." He turned and walked back to his corner booth.

The glamour-disguised pixies looked at each other.

"I'm not carrying his bloody drink," Fen said darkly.

A Tale of Three Pixies: Scene Three

A Tale of Three Pixies
Scene Three
(Click here for Scene Two)
Three women stepped into the smoky bar. The one with dark hair and a leather jacket gazed around with icy eyes while the one with torn jeans, sunset hair, and a Tinkerbell tank top bummed a menthol from the door man.

A Tale of Three Pixies: Scene Two

A Tale of Three Pixies
Scene Two
(Click here for Scene One)
"I thought the top of this city smelled bad," Petal said. "I wasn't giving the potency its proper due." She held up a scrap of cloth from her bright green dress and covered her mouth with it. "Truly, it is mighty."

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Remembered Kisses: Interlude II: A Wizard's Staff

“Sam,” Audrey asked, putting down her book and looking at him next to her on the old battered sofa.  “Why don’t you have a staff?”

“Well,” he said. “Mostly, it’s because I’m not a wizard.”

A Tale of Three Pixies

New Tamsbridge Nights Presents
A Tale of Three Pixies
Part 1
Scene 1

Three pixies fluttered through darkened skies, gossamer dragonfly wings glittering in the yellowed moonlight. They landed on the ledge of a decades old-building, the cement parapets run through with spiderweb cracks. The first one, the smallest, was armored in glittering mail under a well-worn black tabard. She surveyed the city below with a wrinkled nose. "So this is it. The city of lengthened shadows." She snorted. "Not as impressive as stories tell."

Remembered Kisses: Chapter 6: Five Witches

Chapter 5 can be found here.

The Day is Done was busy that night, but Sam’s favorite booth was open. He settled into the corner, sitting gingerly.  Marcus's poultice had worked wonders, but he was still tender.  He caught Eileen's gaze, she nodded in greeting, and he turned to watch the crowd. 

Remembered Kisses: Chapter 5: Winter Dreams

(Trigger warning: Spiders)
Sam checked the address and went inside the warehouse.  He walked down a short, bland hallway with cobwebs in the corners. Glancing at the numbers on doors, Sam hurried down the corridor to a short flight of stairs. He went up, walked past a few more doors, found the one he was looking for, and knocked on it. 

There was no answer.  Sam knocked again, and waited.

He was just about to knock a third time when the door opened.  Marcus was standing there in a dark blue bathrobe, bleary-eyed and tired looking... but one look at Sam and his eyes widened. He stepped out of the way and gestured.

Cosplay Friday: Manic Muffen

Seamus: Hello boys and girls. This week Cosplay Friday is interviewing the enigmatic Manic Muffen, the crazy cute journalist that has also dazzled fans as Emma Frost, Gambette, and, of course, Tank Girl. How are you today?
MM: I'm fantastic, as always. Especially so when I get to chat with you!
Seamus: Flatterer. So you've been cosplaying for a while now. How long has it been, if you don't mind me asking?
MM: Oh goodness.. not long compared to others. It all began in 2013, I think. With Emma Frost at GMX.

Seamus: Wow, so she was your first?
MM:Isn't she ALL of our firsts?
MM: But yes, Emma was my first ever cosplay and I still love her the mostest
Seamus: What made you choose her? Related: what got you into cosplay in the first place?
MM: In all honesty: it all began with an amazing pair of shoes! As all great stories. I've been an X-men fan since forever and Emma is just such a fun, multi-faceted character. When I discovered conventions and cosplay, I had bought th…

Remembered Kisses: Chapter 4: The Door to Nightmare

Chapter 3 can be found here.
Chapter 4: The Door to Nightmare
The campus park was pretty at night, especially in Autumn. The John Adams Memorial Park's few acres of trees and gardens provided a welcome break from the dingy cityscape of New Tamsbridge. There were maple trees, and willows, and a variety of shrubs and flowers living both in small patches of garden and along the path.  Some of the flowers bloomed at night, some bloomed by day, although little enough bloomed in New England’s brisk Autumn. Sam meandered down one of the flagstone lanes, taking his time, enjoying the night air and the calming, timeless presence of the trees.  

Cosplay Friday: Steven Lawwill

Cosplay Friday returns with the Legendary Saba-Khan, Steven Lawill Master-mind of the popular Southeastern Larp Al'se'war. To say he makes props is to say iron man fiddles around with machines.  True, but man, it doesn't touch the quality of it.  Without further ado, we're off!

Remembered Kisses: Chapter 3: Supernatural Secrets

(The previous scene is here)
Chapter 3: Supernatural Secrets
A bottle of whiskey kept his dreams free from nightmares, and a pot of coffee helped fight the morning's hangover. Slowly. 

Sam was checking his sale list with bleary eyes when the little silver bell above the store’s bell rang. Two figures came in, shaking off the cold, and as the door clattered shut behind them, the taller one waved.  Marcus was wearing his usual blue jeans and grey jacket, and Kendra was wearing a green knit cap and a wool coat, buttoned tight against the wind. She looked around, her green eyes big with pleasure as they swept across the rows of books. 

Cosplay Friday: Shattered Stitch

Seamus: Today we're checking out a personal friend, the prolific maven behind Shattered Stitch Cosplay. She's done Black Cat, Jinx, and Vampire Agnes, among many many others. How are you doing, Shatter?

Interlude: Vampire at The Big 'O'

(Interlude Bonus scene earned by the good works of the fans!  Previous scene available Here!)

After class, Sam took the long way home.  Slim parking and crowded streets near the Covers had made it a long time since Sam had owned a car, but he liked walking.  His feet knew the city, and the city knew him;  he felt like a part of it.  There were several routes he could take.  There was a shortcut through the park that led down to church street, where he could then follow three blocks before turning onto Yorkshire Avenue, where the Covers was.

Today his feet wanted a longer route.

Remembered Kisses: Chapter 2: Dreams and Nightmares

Did the first whet your appetite?  Do you want more?  Take a look deeper inside...

(The first chapter is available here)

Chapter 2: Dreams And Nightmares
It was the same old dream.  There was the Petersons' basement, the stone walls painted with fresh blood.  There was the fiend, waiting, its eyes glowing crimson, its six-inch claws dripping with viscera.  It met Sam's eyes and rose up from Tommy's body.  It held his gaze, and slowly, languorously, it came for him.

Cosplay Friday: Bella Sparkles

Hello boys and girls!  Today we launch a new weekly segment, something I am calling Cosplay Fridays.  Because it features an interview with a cosplayer/someone in the cosplay community.  On Fridays.  Clever, right?  That's why they pay me the big bucks.  Anyway, today we talk about one of my personal favorites, Bella Sparkles.  Let's see what she has to say!

Skaldic Verse

A piece I worked on over the course of the last year.  It did well in competition this spring; I am considering making an audio recording, too.  What do you think?

Edit: Also considering hosting my paper on the topic here on the page, so the mysteries of this style of poetry can be revealed... or as far as my research went.  Thoughts and comments welcome!

Micro-Rant of the Week!

Oh look, there's a mess online.  Not a new mess; it's an old mess, and one I have addressed before.*  Bullying.


PS, if you like what you see here, you might want to take a look at ... it might be my author page on amazon... Just a thought.

Back to your regularly scheduled mischief!

Remembered Kisses: Chapter 1: The Brewing Storm

Hello, boys and girls!  We are starting a new thing today!  Because I am tired of not putting out new material, I have decided to start releasing my new book, Remembered Kisses, as a weekly serial.  There will be one chapter released a week for the next few months until complete.  Fully edited, available for your delight.

For you.  Because I love you.  Yes you.  Sure.  Group Hug!

And now, without further shameless self promotion, She Begins.