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Cosplay Friday: Shattered Stitch

Seamus: Today we're checking out a personal friend, the prolific maven behind Shattered Stitch Cosplay. She's done Black Cat, Jinx, and Vampire Agnes, among many many others. How are you doing, Shatter?

Interlude: Vampire at The Big 'O'

(Interlude Bonus scene earned by the good works of the fans!  Previous scene available Here!)

After class, Sam took the long way home.  Slim parking and crowded streets near the Covers had made it a long time since Sam had owned a car, but he liked walking.  His feet knew the city, and the city knew him;  he felt like a part of it.  There were several routes he could take.  There was a shortcut through the park that led down to church street, where he could then follow three blocks before turning onto Yorkshire Avenue, where the Covers was.

Today his feet wanted a longer route.

Remembered Kisses: Chapter 2: Dreams and Nightmares

Did the first whet your appetite?  Do you want more?  Take a look deeper inside...

(The first chapter is available here)

Chapter 2: Dreams And Nightmares
It was the same old dream.  There was the Petersons' basement, the stone walls painted with fresh blood.  There was the fiend, waiting, its eyes glowing crimson, its six-inch claws dripping with viscera.  It met Sam's eyes and rose up from Tommy's body.  It held his gaze, and slowly, languorously, it came for him.

Cosplay Friday: Bella Sparkles

Hello boys and girls!  Today we launch a new weekly segment, something I am calling Cosplay Fridays.  Because it features an interview with a cosplayer/someone in the cosplay community.  On Fridays.  Clever, right?  That's why they pay me the big bucks.  Anyway, today we talk about one of my personal favorites, Bella Sparkles.  Let's see what she has to say!

Skaldic Verse

A piece I worked on over the course of the last year.  It did well in competition this spring; I am considering making an audio recording, too.  What do you think?

Edit: Also considering hosting my paper on the topic here on the page, so the mysteries of this style of poetry can be revealed... or as far as my research went.  Thoughts and comments welcome!

Micro-Rant of the Week!

Oh look, there's a mess online.  Not a new mess; it's an old mess, and one I have addressed before.*  Bullying.


PS, if you like what you see here, you might want to take a look at ... it might be my author page on amazon... Just a thought.

Back to your regularly scheduled mischief!

Remembered Kisses: Chapter 1: The Brewing Storm

Hello, boys and girls!  We are starting a new thing today!  Because I am tired of not putting out new material, I have decided to start releasing my new book, Remembered Kisses, as a weekly serial.  There will be one chapter released a week for the next few months until complete.  Fully edited, available for your delight.

For you.  Because I love you.  Yes you.  Sure.  Group Hug!

And now, without further shameless self promotion, She Begins.