Skaldic Verse

A piece I worked on over the course of the last year.  It did well in competition this spring; I am considering making an audio recording, too.  What do you think?

Edit: Also considering hosting my paper on the topic here on the page, so the mysteries of this style of poetry can be revealed... or as far as my research went.  Thoughts and comments welcome!
Harald's Fall

Harald sits on high seat,
His fist wrapped round hilt-stone.
Timber-tall and time-worn,
Turning thoughts to throne-thief.
Rising, raging, roaring,
Rousing restless oath-men,
War to wage in Westland,
Wealth waits there for warriors.

White sails soar on whale roads,
War-Danes wave-ride sea-steeds.
Spears and shields and sword-oaths,
Sworn on sea king's ring-gifts.
Saxon carls draw steel fangs,
Shield walls clash by shoreline,
Bitter battle rages,
Bearsarks reap blood harvest.

Hard ruler's spear's hurled deep,
His fell host drives inland.
Yorkmen bare their blue blades,
Bondmen bring their banners.
Ravens rise o'er river,
Raven-wine ere red-night.
Choosers swoop mid slain men,
Seeking souls for feasthall.

Cravens flee to crown-thief
Crying Dane-king's death fame.
Sax-king, bold and brave-heart,
Brings his hearty hearth guard.
Cold-eyed carl-men quicken,
Crossing Cnut's Kingdom,
Force-marched fight on fate day,
For their farms and homesteads.

Sea wolves, howling southward,
Suffer sudden falt'ring,
Finding fearless fyrdmen,
Facing foe-cursed corpse trees.
Bearsark holds the Bifrost,
Bell'wing baleful death-cries,
Bow-reed's tip strikes bee-wound,
Baldr's bane for Harald.


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