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Remembered Kisses: Chapter 6: Five Witches

Chapter 5 can be found here.

The Day is Done was busy that night, but Sam’s favorite booth was open. He settled into the corner, sitting gingerly.  Marcus's poultice had worked wonders, but he was still tender.  He caught Eileen's gaze, she nodded in greeting, and he turned to watch the crowd. 

Remembered Kisses: Chapter 5: Winter Dreams

(Trigger warning: Spiders)
Sam checked the address and went inside the warehouse.  He walked down a short, bland hallway with cobwebs in the corners. Glancing at the numbers on doors, Sam hurried down the corridor to a short flight of stairs. He went up, walked past a few more doors, found the one he was looking for, and knocked on it. 

There was no answer.  Sam knocked again, and waited.

He was just about to knock a third time when the door opened.  Marcus was standing there in a dark blue bathrobe, bleary-eyed and tired looking... but one look at Sam and his eyes widened. He stepped out of the way and gestured.

Cosplay Friday: Manic Muffen

Seamus: Hello boys and girls. This week Cosplay Friday is interviewing the enigmatic Manic Muffen, the crazy cute journalist that has also dazzled fans as Emma Frost, Gambette, and, of course, Tank Girl. How are you today?
MM: I'm fantastic, as always. Especially so when I get to chat with you!
Seamus: Flatterer. So you've been cosplaying for a while now. How long has it been, if you don't mind me asking?
MM: Oh goodness.. not long compared to others. It all began in 2013, I think. With Emma Frost at GMX.

Seamus: Wow, so she was your first?
MM:Isn't she ALL of our firsts?
MM: But yes, Emma was my first ever cosplay and I still love her the mostest
Seamus: What made you choose her? Related: what got you into cosplay in the first place?
MM: In all honesty: it all began with an amazing pair of shoes! As all great stories. I've been an X-men fan since forever and Emma is just such a fun, multi-faceted character. When I discovered conventions and cosplay, I had bought th…

Remembered Kisses: Chapter 4: The Door to Nightmare

Chapter 3 can be found here.
Chapter 4: The Door to Nightmare
The campus park was pretty at night, especially in Autumn. The John Adams Memorial Park's few acres of trees and gardens provided a welcome break from the dingy cityscape of New Tamsbridge. There were maple trees, and willows, and a variety of shrubs and flowers living both in small patches of garden and along the path.  Some of the flowers bloomed at night, some bloomed by day, although little enough bloomed in New England’s brisk Autumn. Sam meandered down one of the flagstone lanes, taking his time, enjoying the night air and the calming, timeless presence of the trees.  

Cosplay Friday: Steven Lawwill

Cosplay Friday returns with the Legendary Saba-Khan, Steven Lawill Master-mind of the popular Southeastern Larp Al'se'war. To say he makes props is to say iron man fiddles around with machines.  True, but man, it doesn't touch the quality of it.  Without further ado, we're off!

Remembered Kisses: Chapter 3: Supernatural Secrets

(The previous scene is here)
Chapter 3: Supernatural Secrets
A bottle of whiskey kept his dreams free from nightmares, and a pot of coffee helped fight the morning's hangover. Slowly. 

Sam was checking his sale list with bleary eyes when the little silver bell above the store’s bell rang. Two figures came in, shaking off the cold, and as the door clattered shut behind them, the taller one waved.  Marcus was wearing his usual blue jeans and grey jacket, and Kendra was wearing a green knit cap and a wool coat, buttoned tight against the wind. She looked around, her green eyes big with pleasure as they swept across the rows of books.