Cosplay Friday: Manic Muffen

Seamus: Hello boys and girls. This week Cosplay Friday is interviewing the enigmatic Manic Muffen, the crazy cute journalist that has also dazzled fans as Emma Frost, Gambette, and, of course, Tank Girl. How are you today?

MM: I'm fantastic, as always. Especially so when I get to chat with you!

Seamus: Flatterer. So you've been cosplaying for a while now. How long has it been, if you don't mind me asking?

MM: Oh goodness.. not long compared to others. It all began in 2013, I think. With Emma Frost at GMX.

Seamus: Wow, so she was your first?

MM:Isn't she ALL of our firsts? 🙂

MM: But yes, Emma was my first ever cosplay and I still love her the mostest

Seamus: What made you choose her? Related: what got you into cosplay in the first place?

MM: In all honesty: it all began with an amazing pair of shoes! As all great stories. I've been an X-men fan since forever and Emma is just such a fun, multi-faceted character. When I discovered conventions and cosplay, I had bought these epic, super high heeled, sexy white boots and basically never wore them. They screamed Emma Frost. So I bought a corset, leather pants, and sewed a cape. Emma was born and I was hooked.

Seamus: Awesome. So were you a con journalist before then, or after?

MM: After. Cosplay came first and was really the catalyst into that whole world for me. There's something so freeing and wonderful about becoming someone else for a while. As you well know from LARP. I think, without the costumes, being the journalist would have never happened. Talking to people is scary for me. But for Emma, or Tank Girl? No problem!

Seamus: So would you say cosplaying has helped you as a person?

MM: Oh absolutely! I think anytime you explore the sort of... mind-set of a character you grow as a person and cosplay can force you to do that. Just being in that costume, heck- MAKING the costume, creates this window into a personality outside your norm, which makes you more aware of yourself as a person. And, it has helped most of all because it has brought some of the most amazing people 
into my life. The cosplay community can really be this accepting, loving, creative family.
Seamus: That is fascinating. I've heard... The opposite, some times. How have you coped with some of the more negative elements?

MM: Well, yeah. As with any family, you have drama. As well as creepy uncles and crazy cousins no one talks to. lol. There are bad elements in any community and anytime you put yourself in a public platform, like I did with NashvilleGeekGirl, you will see the worst in people aimed right at your head. I was lucky to have a great group of people around me to sort of circle the wagons and lift me back up whenever needed. The main thing for me was to remind myself this was supposed to be fun. And the second it wasn't fun anymore, to take a step back and re-evaluate what I wanted and what I wanted to get out of it all.

Seamus: Speaking of... What IS next for you?

MM: That's a great question! I have so many things going on in grown-up land that I haven't put much thought into the 'play' aspect of my life. I have a few cosplays on the work bench for the up-coming con season and Emma has been receiving some great upgrades that I can't wait to debut. Akaicon is the next stop and I'll have some fresh newby cosplayers with me in the form of my spawnlings. I'm really enjoying experiencing it all through them now, the freshness, the bright excitement that has sort of faded for me over the years. And their interests are so different than mine. I'm learning a lot about anime cosplay, which I never explored for my own costumes.

Seamus: Well there's a character in Castlevania who would be perfect for you. No spoilers though. Okay.  Almost there. If you could tell a young cosplayer one thing, what would it be?

MM: Have fun. That's the biggest thing to keep in mind and sometimes the hardest thing to remember. It's supposed to be fun! Don't overthink everything and don't worry about what
other people think. It's your experience, your costume, your day/night/weekend. Enjoy it

MM: Also, no spoilers, but there's a character in your book I can't wait to cosplay!

Seamus: I had a feeling about that. Okay. Last sprint. Are you ready? This is important.

MM: Okay, shoot

1. How do you take your coffee/caffiene? 
2. Least favorite superfriend. 
3. Marry/hook up with/kill: tv's green arrow, sabertooth, Mark hamil's joker.

MM: Oh, now the hard questions!

Seamus: I've got 6d6 sneak attack and I caught you flat footed. Sorry.

MM: I take a little coffee with my cream and sugar. Superman (he's way O.P, I have a whole rant about his character sheet's abilities section being basically "page 16-78") Marry Green Arrow (cause rich husband), Hook up with Sabertooth (cause primal 😉 ) and I guess kill poor Hamil's joker. Hey at least I'll win points with Batman?

MM: And it's okay, I notoriously flub initiative rolls.

Seamus: Awesome! Thank you so much for your time.

MM: For you, anytime


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