Cosplay Friday: Steven Lawwill

Cosplay Friday returns with the Legendary Saba-Khan, Steven Lawill Master-mind of the popular Southeastern Larp Al'se'war. To say he makes props is to say iron man fiddles around with machines.  True, but man, it doesn't touch the quality of it.  Without further ado, we're off!

Seamus: Hi everyone! This week's Cosplay Friday is with a producer, the mastermind behind his own LARP and a dedicated designer of practical effects. How are you doing today, Steven?

Steven: Doing good. I can't complain to much

Seamus: I'm glad to hear it. It's been a busy few months for you, I understand, working on getting your studio lately. So, I'm curious. How long have you been making costumes and props?

Steven: Oh, ummm that's a hard question. Probably for the better part of 12 years now. I guess.

Seamus: What got you into it? I mean. You started making your own gear and filling out your team's stuff pretty early. what drove you to do it?

Steven: Insanity, no no, I kid. I guess the thing that drove me to it is I like to look awesome as possible it's a high man, and then I wanted to make others look awesome. Then the rabbit hole got deeper I guess. I just like doing it, I like learning more about it, and I like helping others fulfill their fantasies.
Seamus: And it's more than just costumes and realistic latex weapons. You do prosthetics and foam work, right? Can you tell us a little about that?

Steven: Well I started like everybody: boffers from the beginning. Then like you said, I started doing latex weapons after a lot and I mean A LOT of research. Then I was taught how to make silicone prosthetics from my friend. And it was really hard to get started defiantly a learning curve that was vicious and expensive. But I eventually got it down and started with masks, hoods, and prosthetics, and like all crafts the snowball picked up speed down hill. I started making molds for resin crafts, latex crafts, expanding foam, etc. So logically like with all artists I started to think let's mix media's so a suit of foam armor there a latex weapon with a expanded foam figure here. I couldn't get enough. Then started adding lights and I was having fun. People said I should do this for others and I started locally and now I'm trying to go more wide so here we are studio, store front, etc.
Seamus: Do you have any favorite projects that you've done? Any pieces that you're especially proud of?

Steven: I like all my projects, but my favorite ones had to be the one I did for my chapter is the one that was for diseased zombies in burlap sacks called the first men and the foam crate covered in fake barbed wire. The entire line was inspired by resident evil and the evil within, I love them. That and I did a starlord helmet for a friend who was doing a crossplay and I loved doing that one it was my first cosplay project, I timed my work too and I finished it in like an hour. Painting was rough though, finishing steps were murder but whole project was done and
cosplay was completed.
Seamus: Do you have any advice for any one just breaking into the hobby? Anything you wish you knew five years ago ?

Steven: Oh lots; one It's never as complicated as you are thinking, two try it, you never know what you can do till you try, 3rd listen to all forms of tutorials, DIYs, and advice from other crafters. They all help in some way, three never give up even if you mess up, learn from it.
Seamus: Last thing. Final sprint? Are you ready? Answer as quickly as you can. This is important.
1) Favorite energy drink. 
2) Favorite color of kitten. 
3) Wonder Woman. Black Widow. Scarlet Witch. Who would you rather Crossplay?

Dr enough (now)
Long haired black fluffy kitten
Wonder Women.
Seamus: Awesome. Thank you so much! Anything you would like to plug?

Steven: Check out our page on FB Al'se'war and give us a try hopefully will have some fun 

Seamus: Thanks so much!

Steven: You're welcome!


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