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A Tale of Three Pixies: Scene Three

A Tale of Three Pixies
Scene Three
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Three women stepped into the smoky bar. The one with dark hair and a leather jacket gazed around with icy eyes while the one with torn jeans, sunset hair, and a Tinkerbell tank top bummed a menthol from the door man.

A Tale of Three Pixies: Scene Two

A Tale of Three Pixies
Scene Two
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"I thought the top of this city smelled bad," Petal said. "I wasn't giving the potency its proper due." She held up a scrap of cloth from her bright green dress and covered her mouth with it. "Truly, it is mighty."

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Remembered Kisses: Interlude II: A Wizard's Staff

“Sam,” Audrey asked, putting down her book and looking at him next to her on the old battered sofa.  “Why don’t you have a staff?”

“Well,” he said. “Mostly, it’s because I’m not a wizard.”

A Tale of Three Pixies

New Tamsbridge Nights Presents
A Tale of Three Pixies
Part 1
Scene 1

Three pixies fluttered through darkened skies, gossamer dragonfly wings glittering in the yellowed moonlight. They landed on the ledge of a decades old-building, the cement parapets run through with spiderweb cracks. The first one, the smallest, was armored in glittering mail under a well-worn black tabard. She surveyed the city below with a wrinkled nose. "So this is it. The city of lengthened shadows." She snorted. "Not as impressive as stories tell."