A Tale of Three Pixies

New Tamsbridge Nights Presents

A Tale of Three Pixies

Part 1

Scene 1

Three pixies fluttered through darkened skies, gossamer dragonfly wings glittering in the yellowed moonlight. They landed on the ledge of a decades old-building, the cement parapets run through with spiderweb cracks. The first one, the smallest, was armored in glittering mail under a well-worn black tabard. She surveyed the city below with a wrinkled nose. "So this is it. The city of lengthened shadows." She snorted. "Not as impressive as stories tell."

"Oh, I don't know, sister," said one of the others, her long sunrise-pink hair shot through with lightning-blue streaks. "It certainly has an impressive... air, to it. A rank, disgusting air, maybe. But certainly impressive!"
"Trust Petal to be diplomatic," said the third, running her long, thin fingers through her spiky hair the same purple as falling twilight. "Even about a concrete and fiberglass cesspool." She sighed. "Tell me, Fen. How long do we have to stay here? This place sucks, and I hate it."
"As long as it takes, Lapis," Fen said, pushing black hair out of her ice-blue eyes. "Our sister is here, and we will have her back."
"And if they won't let us have her?"
"Then we take what is ours," Fen replied. "With fire and blood." She took off again.
The other two shared a look. Lapis rolled her eyes, and then the two followed their elder sister into the New Tamsbridge Night.


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