A Tale of Three Pixies: Scene Two

A Tale of Three Pixies

Scene Two

"I thought the top of this city smelled bad," Petal said. "I wasn't giving the potency its proper due." She held up a scrap of cloth from her bright green dress and covered her mouth with it. "Truly, it is mighty."

"Are you sure this is the way to Dewdrop?" Lapis asked, gingerly stepping around a broken bottle and peering inside. She sniffed. "There's not even anything left in there!"

Fen rolled her icy blue eyes. "No, this isn't the way to Dewdrop. This is the way to the prophet. And he'll tell us where to find her."

"And if he doesn't?"

"We carry a missive from the Lady. He'll listen."

"And if he doesn't?" Lapis pressed.

"Then I am authorized to cut off pieces of him until he does," Fen said simply, finger the pearl on the pommel of her small sword. "He'll talk. All men do."

"And I'll make sure he doesn't die of blood loss while you are unrolling his intestines like rope." Petal said happily, her wings fluttering. "But I'm sure he'll help. He has no reason not to. Fen, my feet are tired. Can we fly now?"

"No. Too many sparrows. Too many bats. They are the eyes of our enemies."

Lapis's eyes narrowed. "Bloody bird-riders and bat-humpers. They are stinky. And I hate them."

"I know you hate them. We all hate them." They turned another corner and Fen smiled. She pointed at the big neon sign flashing at the end of the street. "Ah-ha! Our reconnaissance was correct! Pearl's Dive. There, below the sign of flashing blue, dwells that man that must speak true. Come on, darlings. Glamour up. We have work to do."


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