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Remembered Kisses: Chapter 14: Lessons

Chapter 14: Lessons

The next day was an off-day for Sam at the college, so he spent it in the store.  By the time Lily showed up for one of her once-or-twice weekly tutoring sessions that evening, he had been through two pots of coffee.   “Hello, Sam,” she said when she arrived.  “It’s cold as hell out there,” she added as she hung the long coat up on the rack and slipped out of her fur-lined boots.  He looked up from his coffee and grunted.  “Long night?”  She asked with a grin, and walked over to one of the reading tables, smoothing her grey wool sweater-dress before she sat.  She got her notes and two of her textbooks out of her leather knapsack and got to work on her studies while he worked.

A Tale of Three Pixies: Scene Nine

A Tale of Three Pixies
Scene Nine

(Read scene eight here)

“Aye,  Or something like that.” Saul said, leaning back with a smug smile.  “Her name is Eileen.  As you’ve observed.  She works here.”  He took a draught of his beer, still smiling like a cat with a can of tuna.  “Has for a year or two.  She’s kind of been adopted by the owner and his family.”

Petal looked at her carefully.  “She’s not Dewdrop,” she said plainly.  “No, not quite.  But she’s a faerie.”

“Half, I’d guess,” Saul said.  “Given that she’s a little less than twenty. I imagine if you asked her, she might lead you to your missing sister. There.” He said with a wink.  “Still want to cut me into bits?”

Remembered Kisses: Chapter 13: Dreams Redux

Chapter 13: Dreams Redux

Audrey poured Sam’s tea into his mug.  “So.  Your ex-girlfriend’s a vampire.”

“Yes.”  Sam sighed.  “That’s the case.”

“And you’re using her as a go between for you and the Dead Court.”

“The Lorenzos, specifically, but close enough.”

“Well,” Audrey said.  “That’s nice.” 

Remembered Kisses: Chapter 12: The Professor's Vampire

Chapter 12: The Professor's Vampire
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(Chapter 13 is live!  Look here!)
Sam’s classes were quiet that day, as they had been lately.  It was remarkable how each event caused ripples.  Even as the dean has said. Kendra was such a sweet person. Kendra had been love. Even Lily hadn’t said much in a few days, though her quiz and test scores were coming up. Which was important, Sam thought. Papers and research were the wave of the future, some professors said, with an emphasis on mixed-method qualitative and quantitative analysis being the most important, but Sam’s lessons were about the nuts and bolts of basic thamuaturgy.  That was especially important for the early students.  It was necessary that the correct things be said at the correct time in the correct pattern, especially while a practitioner was still learning, or else terrible things could happen.  Sam had been on the back end of more than one failed spell himself.

Remembered Kisses: Chapter 11: The Dean of Arcane Studies

Chapter 11: The Dean of Arcane Studies

(Chapter 10 is here)
Sam walked towards campus, thoughtful.  It had been six weeks since Kendra’s death, and grief still hung in the air like dead leaves that wouldn't fall.  Death and disappearance happened in New Tamsbridge all the time, but her loss had seemed to affect campus more than most.  Things are quieter now.  The students were less full of the buzz and energy that had been on the campus before.  Sam sighed. I've only seen the medieval martial arts group out once, and Tom had had a dour expression on his face even then as he worked through knife drills.  Pallas and the rest of Kendra's coven had not been at the Day is Done more than once.  Even my students ask less questions. He blew the breath out of his mouth.  Not even about the explosions last month.

A Tale of Three Pixies: Scene Eight

A Tale of Three Pixies
Scene Eight
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The three faeries climbed down the short stairs into the Day is Dunn.  Their guises were less vivid and idiosyncratic than at Pearl’s Dive; they were now three college-aged girls in jeans and tee shirts, each according to their nature.  Fen was in black with skull and crossbones, Lapis wore blue with splashes of gold glitter that spelled out pixie, and Petal’s shirt was a cheerful tie-dye.  
The bar was not as they expected.  It clean but rustic, with lots of real wood furnishings. 

A Tale of Three Pixies: Scene Seven

A Tale of Three Pixies
Scene Seven
(Read Scene Six Here)
They left the parking garage behind them and walked away, trying their best not to glance behind as they hurried. Once they were out of sight of the gnomes, Fen looked at the others and sighed.  “Well,” she said.  “We survived that, but we’ve lost our quarry. We survived that concrete cage but I’ve no idea where to go next.  It’s a big city and the prophet has disappeared into it.”

A Tale of Three Pixies: Scene Six

A Tale of Three Pixies
Scene Six
(Read scene five here)

“A parking garage,” Lapis said, running a hand through her sweaty purple hair and looking around her.  “I had heard of them.  They’re more like caves than I would have thought.”

“Something like that,” Fen said, her gaze sweeping.  She sighed. “I lost the scent in the chase.  I’m not sure where to find it again.”

“It’s hard to sort anything through all this concrete,” Petal murmured.  “Not much iron, thank the stars.  But lots of concrete. It’s all… cut off,” Petal said, sounding confused. “So far.”

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Shifting through the internet, finding some images that catch them theme of what New Tambsridge feels like... here's something for you.

A Tale of Three Pixies: Scene Five

A Tale of Three Pixies
Scene Five
(Read Scene Four Here)
The three pixies in disguise rushed outside.  Fen looked around, her eyes blue hard. “That way,” she said, pointing down an alley.  “I have his scent.”

Petal looked at Lapis, and they both nodded, and followed their sister.  “I can’t see him,” Petal said as they hurried. 

“He’s fast.  Who knows how much of a head start he has on us.  I never should have let him go that long.”  She frowned and shook her head.  “We’re going to have to fly.”

“But what about the bats?  And the gnomes?”

“We’ll have to risk it.  If it comes to a fight it comes to a fight.  Glamours down, girls, and let’s go.”

Lapis and Petal exchanged another look, but complied anyway.  Where three women had stood there were now three pixies, and their gossamer wings began to beat as they took to the air in a tight formation.

“That son of a bitch,” Fen muttered again.  “I’ll cut him to bits. Tiny little prophet bits.”

“Have you ever considered,” Petal said from her right flank,…